Ethical Manufacturing

Ethical manufacturing for a better life


If you’ve been a customer of ours for a while, you’ll know that ethical and sustainable production  is at the heart of our business. We believe, quite simply, that the industry should be better at creating more environmentally friendly fashion.

You’ll know that we use GOTS certified organic cotton in our clothing, and all orders are dispatched in recyclable corn starch and paper bags.

But did you know that we also operate ethical manufacturing our factories?


Ethical production


From ethical harvesting of the raw materials, and use of dyestuffs (all of which are tested to the Oekotex standard), we’re always adhering to global standards. Not only this, but we are constantly improving the manufacturing process, carefully considering each step of the design and manufacturing journey.

This is reflected in our close relationship with our factories in India, which hold SEDEX certification.

SEDEX is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisations that ensures businesses operate responsibly and sustainably to protect workers and the environment.To become SEDEX approved, we have to pay attention our supply chain.It means that we can safeguard the human rights of factory workers, create safe working conditions, and measure our environmental impact, as well as protect against corruption or unethical behaviours.


So what does this mean for our brand?


To cut a long story short, we care about every aspect of our collections.

From conception and design, right through to our customer unwrapping it for their little wardrobe warrior, we’re aiming higher. We are designing for the conscious consumer, and want to play our part in the sustainable fashion movement.

That’s why our collections are designed to be season-less and unisex, so that they can be passed on to younger siblings or friends, or worn with past season colours. You’ll also notice extra features such as roll-up cuffs and reversible prints, to allow our pieces to be worn for longer as little ones grow.


We will continue to stand by our holistic approach to manufacturing process for the sake of our planet, people and core values.