Why Organic Cotton?

Organic is the only system which eliminates really toxic chemicals from the environment and instead works holistically, for the long-term benefit of people and the planet!

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Explore the wonders of nature and it's elements with our planet-loving waterproof eco-raincoats. Each made from over 25 single use recycled plastic bottles destined for landfill. Old waste never looked so good.


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My husband and I have twin boys, 6 years old. We have been ordering children's clothing from "Lilly and Sid" since they were born because, in our opinion, no other company/brand makes children's clothing of such outstanding quality at such reasonable, affordable prices.

Dr. G

These are gorgeous, well made with lovely details. Super cute, made from very soft cotton, they look as if they will be comfortable. Always, more fab clothes from Lilly & Sid.

Carole R.

This item arrived well packed. I was very pleased as the jacket is even nicer than it looked online and was an absolute bargain as I purchased it in the sale. I have bought from Lilly and Sid before and will continue to do so.

Maggie L.

Arrived super quick and the fabric design and feel is gorgeous. Sustainable clothing is really important to us so really pleased we found you.

Karen I.