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      At Lilly + Sid we create fun & bright clothing with unique designs for your little ones from 0-24 months - 8 years to enjoy the sweet moments of their childhood from activities to outdoor adventures. With our planet in mind, our garments are made with super soft 100% GOTS organic cotton and ago free dyestuffs that are much kinder to delicate skins and nature's creations.
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      Eco-Concious Choice

      Why choose organic cotton?

      By choosing GOTS-certified organic options, you prioritize pure comfort, sustainability, and ethical production, promoting well-being, supporting eco-friendly practices, and respecting the craft behind each piece.

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      Explore our collection of GOTS-certified organic options for babies and kids that effortlessly blend style, comfort, and sustainability. When you shop with us, you're not just choosing clothing that reflects your values, but also nurturing our shared world.

      Why choose Lilly & Sid?

      Assured Quality: Our GOTS certification guarantees that each dress meets the highest standards of organic and ethical craftsmanship.

      Varied Styles: From timeless designs to cool patterns, our playful clothes cater to every taste and preference.

      Sustainable Fashion: Join us in making a positive environmental impact by supporting sustainable and conscientious fashion choices.

      Take a look at our entire range today and dress your little ones in the comfort of GOTS-certified organic attire.