Sustainable & Ethical Assurance: From Design to Delivery

At Lilly + Sid we are all about raising awareness about sustainability and 
doing all we can to help our planet become a better place for the future. Lilly + Sid was created as an antidote to the fast fashion industry. A planet friendly focus from design to delivery, because quality organic clothing shouldn't cost the earth.
Here is a snapshot of our brand building blocks, from design concept to delivery in your home.

Our Fabrics 

95% of our garments are made from organic cotton. The cotton we use is GOTS certified organic. GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard) is the leading standard for textiles made from organic fibres worldwide, better for the farmers who grow it and the delicate skins wearing it. The remaining garments in our collection are made from eco fabrics such as the recycled nylon used in our swimwear - taking fabrics destined for landfill and repurposing for the new generation. Our dyes are Azo free, kinder to the environment and kinder to the wearer.

Our Factories

We have worked with our factories for many years, ( some since we started out in the retail industry over 20 years ago ) and our factories all adhere to our ethical trading stance. Depending on product type and expertise, our garments are made in Portugal,  India, Sri Lanka and China.  Our factories are members of the ETI ( ethical trading initiative ) , hold SA8000 accreditation ( Social Accountability Accreditation) or are SEDEX certified. This ensures good working conditions, fair pay, capped working hours and a minimum age requirement for workers. We have teams based in India and Sri Lanka to visit the factories regularly and ensure all our standards are met.

Quality Assurance

Each and every garment we produce  is rigorously tested via independent testing house SGS. As a minimum, each garment will go through 20 tests including those for safety and quality assurance. We also outline our manufacturing requirements to ensure no nasty chemicals are used and that our trims are purchased from companies we can trust.


As Lilly + Sid grows globally, we are investing in warehousing and supply chain solutions across the globe. This allows us to ship directly from factory to customer, thus reducing our carbon footprint. We will also be expanding our UK warehouse this year- we’ve only been there 18 months, but have already outgrown it ! 

Net Profit Focus

Our company strategy is not to over buy. We strongly believe in offering the best value products we possibly can from launch date and selling as many as we can at full price. Heavy discounting events such as Black Friday, don’t match with our brand ethos and contribute to the clothing landfill of ‘ bargain must-haves ‘.

Thoughtful design

We focus on maximising the lifecycle of our products through thoughtful design. Our contemporary classics are timeless in their appeal and include seasonless pieces to wear all year round. Design features enable garmentsthat grow with your child through the year, extending the lifecycle as long as possible. Our multi-wear separates in on-trend colour palettes can be mixed & matched to layer up for each season. Reversible garments are a key part of our collections - two looks in one is a great win for sustainable wardrobes, less washing required and less pieces needed to create looks for little ones.

Recycling Campaign

Timeless designs enable the garments to be passed down to smaller friends and family. Investment in quality fabrics ensures our clothing stands the test of time. 

Planet Friendly Packaging

We are committed to creating eco packaging solutions. Our mailing bags and boxes are made from paper and created at source wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint. Each garment is now packed in bags made from cornstarch which are fully compostable! 

Thank you for supporting our brand and helping us create an ethical clothing business model whilst protecting the planet for future generations.

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